Shinest Group started its journey in the year of 1991. It has more than 16,000 workers. The Group is one of the leading export oriented garments industry in Bangladesh. Shinest Group is a complete solution for garments and its related industries, it has everything of its own starting from the transportation, textiles, readymade garments, button, poly, label, hanger, embroidery, sewing thread, packaging to C&F. Shinest Group is a value chain of all garments related industries.


Shinest Group has been catering to the biggest mass scale garment retailers around the world. It business has been consistently growing since its inception with the philosophy of delivering quality garments at the shortest lead time. The group has worked with renowned brands all over the world. SHINEST has earned huge appreciation from its clients for adopting newest technology in the market and maintaining compliance in all its production.


We have come all the way with confidence and ability of meeting all our customer’s requirements by producing top quality fabrics, garments and accessories on time in pleasant environment. We hope we will be able to meet all our customer’s expectations as well.